How We Can Help?

A network of innovative and resourceful advisors and supporters -- and an extension of your team. We pride ourselves in supporting our extensive network and seeking out opportunities for cross-network communication and relationships, with that, we aren’t afraid to lead initiatives for teams, as we see fit.


Capital Support



Operational Support

We work with our startup founders and teams from conception to delivery -– providing iterations on protocol design, strategizing on go-to-market initiatives, and extending their global reach across various communities. We provide our portfolio with access to our tools and guidance on market insights, recruitment, growth strategies and more.

Capital Support

We are a group of diamond-hand investors who understand the need for flexibility with respect to stage, asset type and geography. We’re happy to provide the first institutional investment for our projects, and we’re also open to working with companies that have prior exposure in this market.

Hands-on Approach

As investors in emerging crypto assets, we are active participants in governance processes, marketing operations, network staking and additional ways to support growth. We believe the hands-on approach is a critical factor in how Necker Ventures can support early projects and provide value to any team.

At Necker Ventures, we will help you accelerate growth and value creation by guiding emerging Startups to facilitate unforeseen potential.